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The Sorceress Betrayed (Thorgal part 1)

Aaricia is Thorgal's wife and the daughter of Viking leader Gandalf the Mad.


Daughter of Gandalf the Mad and Borghilde and sister to Bjorn, Aaricia belongs to a family of viking nobility. She saw her father become king of the Vikings when she was 9 years old, making her a princess. She fell in love with her childhood friend Thorgal, who she was bound to from the moment of her birth by the magic object named Tjahzi's Tears. She married Thorgal and later had two children with him; Jolan and Louve.

Aaricia is the youngest child of Gandalf Le Fou, late chief of one of the vikings of a northern tribe. When she was born, she held in her tiny hands two pearls, the tears of the dwarf Tjahzi, wept for the young Thorgal, who, still a child, helped his people from one of the many plots of the evil snake Nidhog. Thorgal, back to life thanks to the goddess Frigg, was then the son of the chief, Harald, but as his father died, Gandalf stole Harald's heritage from him and sent the kid out of the town, with no right to train as a warrior, since he has been adopted by the clan. His daughter, however, was pretty and decided to marry the boy when she grew up, and so she would have done if his father hadn't tied him to a rock and left him to drown to keep them from being together. Thorgal escaped from that fate and they married, but Aaricia was kidnapped during their honeymoon by the soldiers of Brek Tsarith, a man who believed in a prophecy which said that she would be the mother of a miracle child. There, in his castle, she gave birth to a son, while her husband was madly looking for her. Her son, Jolan, was really a miracle child, for he had inherited the abilities of his father's ancestors, the people from the stars. After they were rescued by Thorgal, they both went to live on a small island, for their people didn't want them in the clan. However, when Aaricia became pregnant again, she wanted to have her new child among her people, and they returned to the town. Unfortunately, Thorgal had some unsettled business with the gods, and was being pursued by them, so he left his family in an attempt to keep dangers away from them. He got to erase his name from their memory, but that also erased his own memories, and Kryss of Valnor easily tricked him into believing that she was his husband, a cruel pirate. Kryss, who had alwats loved Thorgal in her twisted way, wasn't happy enough with that and wanted to destroy Aaricia, making her a prisoner and marking her as an outlaw, Kryss's personal slave. Aaricia didn't try to do anything, for her daughter was held captive as well, but Jolan, now a youngster, using his special abilities, got to free her mother, sister and many other captives, returning all together to the island were they used to be. Now the question is : will they be able to make Thorgal realize that he has never been Shaigan, the bloody pirate?

Personality and traitsEdit

Aaricia is a spirited, strong willed woman, and she loves her family dearly despite all the mishaps Thorgal's fate has brought to their lives. Like Thorgal, Aaricia has respect for human dignity, freedom, and condemns the atrocities committed by the most powerful. She prefers to live in a simple house, rather than a place in accordance with her social status. More thoughtful and prudent than Thorgal, she is the strongest pillar of the Aegirsson family.