14 - Aaricia
Story by

Jean Van Hamme

Art by

Grzegorz Rosiński



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A set of beautiful short stories, with the young Aaricia as main character. Lovely stories, witnessing the predestination of Thorgal's and Aaricia's life in each other's company.


Odin's MountainEdit

1] The story takes place lorsqu'Aaricia was 5 years old. She walks in the woods in the direction of "Odin mountain" because it is there, it has-been told that is her mother. Along the way, she meets two Nixes, who offered to take him to the mountain she seeks. 2] But Nixes are liars and traitors, they give the illusion Aaricia to see his mother in the mountains to deceive and kill. 3] Fortunately, Thorgal is in extremis save.

First SnowEdit

1] The story takes place when Thorgal was 9 years old. Leif Haraldson, Thorgal adoptive father dies. He was buried with the honors of a great Viking king. Having lost the only person who protected the village, Thorgal afraid of being confronted with the violence of the future king, Gandalf-the-Fou (father Aaricia). Thorgal decided to leave the village.2] But Aaricia invents a story to force his father to fetch Thorgal. What he did. That's when a "stranger" arrives in the village. Foreign entait is there to put Gandalf's king crown. But this will happen only if it accepts the ancestral laws of the Althing. These instructions require, among other things, a Viking king must protect children. Gandalf is thus forced to accept the presence of Thorgal in the village.


1] Bjorn, son of Gandalf-the-Fou, reseeding became king of the Vikings, just cause Thorgal. Being exasperated by his words, Thorgal slaps. Bjorn pleint his father, he decides the Holmganga. It is a kind of duel to the death that can resolve conflicts between vikings. 2] But Gandalf cheating and sending two of his men to help his son in the duel. The battle seems lost in advance for Thorgal. But did not count on the help of last minute Aaricia that threatens to reveal everything in the village. It was then decided to spare the lives Thorgal and that the duel ended with the abandonment of the two fighters.

Tjahzi's TearsEdit

1] Aaricia discovered in a boat stranded on the coast, the god Vigrid . Vigrid is a young blind poet god, unknown to men , and which seeks to " accomplish a feat that would establish its renamed in memory of the world ." But the boat drifts , taking its two occupants off towards a violent storm. 2] Vigrid uses his powers to get out of there and bring the boat ashore ( he stole the boat ) . Came to earth, and Aaricia Vigrid meet two thieves . Vigrid turns into a big green dragon, and routs the voleurs.3 ] Aaricia , to please him , tells him ( he is blind ) that the two bandits were fierce warriors " number 12 ", " large like trees , "with" huge sharp knives "and" axes stocked . " With this feat, Vigrid began to leave the world of the gods. And it is with " Tears Tjahzi " qu'Aaricia help find the passage that leads to Asgard. They heal the passage of his blindness.