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Tree Foot

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Be-Ki, Man-gen



Arghun was a warrior past his prime and with a pegleg, but still an exceptional archer and bowmaker. Nicknamed Tree Foot. he was one of Thorgal's few friends, and a native to the north-east coast of England today, where he ran an armory with his nephew Tjall.

Arghun lived with Thorgal and his family for a period of time, but later chose to remain and live in the Land of Qa. This was both because he had become enamored to Be-Ki and Man-gen, two Xinjin women who he would later marry, and because the climate was better for his rheumatism.[1]. In doing so, he left the armory to Thorgal.

Manufacture of bowsEdit

Arghun specialized in making bows and arrows, offering different types of bows and all types of arrows for a variety of uses. He manufactured the famous "double curve bow"; a bow based on the ones they use in the Orient and the Far East. It is less cumbersome than a classic bow, but requires a larger draw force. Presumably it's the same as a reflex bow. Thorgal saw a test model of the double curve bow in Arghun's armory, and later Arghun constructed a custom one for Thorgal, which fitted his size. The bow, described by Arghun as his "masterpiece", had a range which exceeded an ordinary bow's range by half.[2][1]. Thorgal later had another armorer construct a second double curve bow for him, based on the design by Arghun, which he used to great effect.[3]


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