13 - Between Earth and Sun
Between Earth and Sun
Story by

Jean Van Hamme

Art by

Grzegorz Rosiński



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Thorgal would like to leave Qâ and return to their own island. Jolan however is under the influence of the ambitious Uébac, and refuses. A small domestic incident gives this Uébac the excuse to get rid of Thorgal, Aaricia, Woodfoot and Variay, and take the power over the Xinjins, and hopefully over the whole continent. But Jolan finds out about his plans...


1] Thorgal and Kriss Aaricia arrived in the city Xinjin . Kriss hand find his gold. Thorgal and Aaricia aspire to return to their peaceful island with Jolan (which see album 11 , has been appointed to govern the people Xinjin ) . 2] Thorgal been attempted assassination .3 ] After discussion, Jolan seems to be, or have been convinced to want to stay for directing Xinjin people as a living god. 4] The same evening, Thorgal , Aaricia feet from tree and stopped in their apartments and lead to " the mouth of the sun" to die. The orders were given by the " assistant " Jolan in its name but without his permission.

5] Jolan discover the intentions of his assistant, he seeks to take power to conquer the whole country Qâ . Jolan also learns that he sent his parents and feet from tree to death. 6] Jolan fled, and fell on the way Kriss . This one offers to help him to save his parents, in return , she want to do the Jolan become "young" (see the album 's eyes Tanatloc , where she had been "aged " by Ogotaï ) . Jolan accepts , and makes young again . 7] With the help of two women xinjins , Thorgal , Aaricia feet from tree and manage to save the mouth of the sun. But he learned that Kriss kidnapped Jolan and is now joining the odds to escape with his gold. 8] and Thorgal feet from tree leave in pursuit, as said qu'Aaricia remains the city. They manage to recover Jolan and escape . They are joined on the side by Aaricia with a boat - balloon . A boat waiting for them to return home them.9 ] Kriss no longer able to carry his gold and is finally forced to abandon in the desert. She is furious . 10] Upon reflection , Feet from tree chose to stay and live among xinjins . Thorgal and Jolan when Aaricia them finally return home .