5 - Beyond the Shadows
Beyond the Shadows
Story by

Jean Van Hamme

Art by

Grzegorz Rosiński



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An old man is looking for Thorgal, and finds him - but not in the shape he expected him to be. The old man however needs Thorgal to use the key he still has, the key to the second world. That is the only way he can save the life of Aaricia, who is dieing. The news about Aaricia (she is not dead!) wakes Thorgal out of his lethargy, and he undertakes a mission no mortal being has ever undertaken...


1] The story takes place one year after the last album. Thorgal is depressed because he lost his wife and child (Aaricia was pregnant). Shaniah has finally joined . And they both live in érant from village to village . 2] An old man comes to find them and take them in a sort of sanctuary, to meet the famous prisoner escaped from the last album . The man says : His name Galathorn and seeks to reclaim the throne of Brek Zarith , he is the rightful king. Recis adventures of Thorgal Aegirsson

3] He tells Thorgal qu'Aaricia is alive but very ill and will die. Thorgal agrees to help Galathorn . In exchange , the old man sent " in there shadows " to save Aaricia.4 ] Thorgal is sent to the second world. Shaniah accompanies it. They are " character who rules the existence of all mankind ." It has the power of life and death over everyone.

5] In exchange for the life of Aaricia , the " People " application that Thorgal kill someone at random . Given the failure of Thorgal , Shaniah is supported. 6] They return to earth , to the Niflheim , place of passage of deaths between the living world and the court of the gods. But outgoing Shaniah is kept prisoner. The life she had taken was in fact his. Thorgal is forced to abandon it. This is very sad. 7] Thorgal is the output Galathorn and old . They leave regain Brek Zarith .


Note: This is a pity that we not learn more about this character " who reigns over the existence of all mankind ." It is however very interesting someone capable of deciding existence itself. Is it a god ? A man? Anything else? Unfortunately, we do not know ...