12 - City of the Lost God
City of the Lost God
Story by

Jean Van Hamme

Art by

Grzegorz Rosiński



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Thorgal and Kriss of Valnor have made contact with someone from the army of the Chaams, inside Mayaxatl. There they hear the true goal of their mission: not to get the helmet, but to kill the owner, Ogotaï. Thorgal walks out: he will not be a hired killer. But he gets caught by the Chaams, and he is to be sacrificed to Ogotaï...


Translate 1] Shiv Valnor Thorgal and finally entered the city Mayaxatl . Aaricia and Tjall are left outside the city caution. Hog , commander of the " Flying Wing " of the city , just find Thorgal and Kriss to offer their help. 2] Thorgal refusing the idea of ​​killing Ogotaï , decides to leave. But it is caught and captured by the " Black Guard ".

3] Kriss betrayed his companions : it allows black guards and capture Aaricia Tjall . A few days later , Thorgal , Aaricia Tjall and are thus led to the summit of the great temple of the city to be sacrificed. 4] Thorgal , Aaricia Tjall and , thanks to the unexpected with Kriss and Hog , manage to flee . Pursued by the enraged guards , they all take refuge in the palace of the great temple , where no others dare not go. Tjall however, was hit by an arrow in the heart . The adventure ends there for him. 5] The crossing of the palace, strange and deadly , divides the group : Hog is swallowed by a path paroie ; Kriss is "aged "; Aaricia is brought into the sanctuary Ogotaï to keep him company for the rest of his days, and Thorgal have sent them a few moments later by a "ghost" of his mother, Haynee . 6] Incidentally, Haynee told Thorgal force (love for his son ) that enable it to resist the power of Varth ( JK Rowling did not invent anything !) . 7] Varth and Thorgal duel . While Thorgal is in very bad shape , Kriss kills Varth a shot laser gun. Varth falls into vide.8 ] Thorgal and Kriss Aaricia depart aboard a boat - mongofière , Jolan and find foot from tree . Please help Google Translate improve quality for your language here. Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder Turn off instant translationAbout Google TranslateMobilePrivacyHelpSend feedback