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Thorgal, Aaricia


Louve, Aniel (half-sibling)



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The Fall of Brek Zarith (Thorgal part 6)

Jolan is the eldest son of Thorgal and Aaricia. He was born in Castle Shardar in the kingdom of Brek Zarith. Just like his father and his siblings, Jolan is part of the Star People. Also like his father, Jolan is very observant of right and wrong, and detests evil doers and the savagery of fighting men.


Born while his mother was captive of Brek Zarith, Jolan grew up alone with his parents in a small island. Unlike his father's, Jolan powers are fully operative, and while he was still a child, pretty dangerous, for he had the ability of recreating whatever he wished, not maintaining control after that. As he grew up, he got kidnapped by Kriss of Valnor, to ensure his father's help in a work she was conducting. He was taken then to south america, were he met his grandfather, who had used his powers to appear as a semigod to the inhabitants of the land, having gone mad after the accident where he lost wife, son and companions. There, with the help of a technological stuff in shape of a crown, he learned how to deal with his ability, being able of manipulating anything at an atomic level. He even got to return youth to Kriss, for she had been punished by Ogotai to being an ancient, although she was just 21. After recovering her beauty, Kriss took the child again and tried to escape, but Thorgal rescued his son and threw the crown away, for he though that such a young kid shouldn't have the powers of a god. As Jolan grew up, his father left them to keep danger away from his family, as he was being pursued by the gods, who wanted revenge of him. Unfortunately, Thorgal lost the memory and was fooled by evil Kriss, who took away Louve and Aaricia as well, to be her personal slave. Jolan, a youngster by then, came into Kriss' castle, freed the slaves and commanded them to rebel against the woman, taking back her mother and sister, with the help of his future self, twenty years in the future. Still, Thorgal remains in the belief of his being Shaigan the pityless, husband of Kriss ...


Jolan has the power to agitate molecules (usually disintegrating objects). He is not entirely in control of it, but is gradually learning to use it deliberately to destroy, alter or create matter. One example of his powers being out of control, was when he made Alinoë appear, who almost killed him.[1] Xargos, his great grandfather, was the one to first learn Jolan the principles and basics of the composition of matter.

Jolan is also capable of telekinesis.


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