Kriss of Valnor
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Thorgal, Tjall

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The Archers (Thorgal part 9)

Kriss of Valnor is a young, beautiful, unscrupulous and deadly warrior, and also a skilled archer. She first appears in The Archers (Thorgal part 9) and re-appears intermittently in the following albums. She is in some ways Thorgal's greatest foe, trying to hurt him and his family out of pure hate, but sometimes showing hints of admiration and even secret love for Thorgal.


First time she met Thorgal, Kryss was an skilled thief, competing in an archery match. She was not just the only female there, but also one of the favourites. Especially, since the last part of the competition was to shot at a small wooden circle hanging in the chest of each archer's partner. Not that Kryss didn't appreciate her companion, but she wouldn't lose a big bunch of golden coins for such a little thing. After all, she wasn't afraid herself of her partners' arrows ... The fact is that when only Thorgal and herself wer left, he decided to stop the contest and share the prize. She seemed to agree, but ran away in the night stealing the whole prize for herself. Unfortunately, she got caught by some warriors from whom she has stolen a talisman. Thorgal got in time to save her, but they both lost the prize and Kryss escaped, knocking out Tjall, Thorgal's companion, and leaving her own killed by the warriors. She returned lately, kidnapping Jolan to get a big amount of gold. Thorgal and Aaricia had to go with her to the Sun lands, dominion of Tanatloc, who resulted to be Thorgal's mad father, and who rewarded Kryss making true her only fear : aging her till being an ancient. Jolan, who had no problem using his heritated powers (Thorgal's ones had been removed by his grandfather), returned her to her twenties, reorganizing her molecules, just to be kidnapped again by her, but his father rescued him and Kryss lost in the desert and was suppossed to be dead. Of course, she wasn't, and met again Thorgal after he left his family to free them from the vengeance of the gods. Kryss, in her own style, was in love with Thorgal, so when he erased his name from the memory of the gods in the invisible fortress and lost his own memory as well, she tricked him into believing they were married, and that he is the ruthless pirate lord Shaigan, whose only target was to control the northern seas. Thorgal feels abit strange about his new self, but can't remember anything and takes Kriss' word on everything (poor). Kriss also kidnapped Aaricia and Louve, to have her as personal slave and enjoy her pain when seeing her man in Kriss' arms, but both were rescued by Jolan. Kriss becomes pregnant with Aniel shortly before Thorgal regains his memory and leaves to find his family.

Later, Kriss ends up as a slave in Byzantium and sacrifices her life to help Thorgal's family escape from the same slave pits.[1] However, even after her demise she continues to haunt Thorgal's family. Her father Kahaniel of Valnor sired her to be able to reincarnate in his first-born male descendant, Aniel.


Egoist, false, treacherous, greedy, selfish, proud and with no scruples at all.