Template:Infobox publisher Le Lombard or Lombard Editions is a Belgian comic book publisher established in 1946 when Tintin magazine was launched. Le Lombard is now part of Média-Participations.

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Les Éditions du Lombard was established by Raymond Leblanc and his partners in 1946. Wanting to create an illustrated youth magazine, they decided that already very well known Tintin would be the perfect hero. Business partner André Sinave went to see Tintin creator Hergé, and proposed creating the magazine. Hergé, who had worked for Le Soir during the war, was being prosecuted for having collaborated with the Germans. He thus did not have a publisher at the moment.[1] After consulting his friend Edgar Pierre Jacobs, Hergé agreed. The first issue of Tintin magazine was published on 26 September 1946.[2] Simultaneously, a Dutch version, entitled Kuifje, was published (Kuifje being the name of the eponymous character Tintin in Dutch). 40,000 copies were made in French, and 20,000 in Dutch.[1]

In 1986 the company was acquired by Média-Participations.

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