The immense City of the Lost God, Mayaxatl.

Mayaxatl, aka the City of the Lost Gods, is a huge city in the Land of Qa, built by the Chaams, under the orders and guidance of Varth. It took ten years of incredible suffering for the city to be build, and it was only when construction finished that Varth decided it would be called Mayaxatl.

The city was where Varth created his army of Chaams, and the place from which he launched incursions into neighboring territory, intend on conquering the world. The city is endowed with a particular site where Balloon Boats can land and take off, allowing warriors Chaams to move quickly across the Land of Qa. Varth himself lived in his sanctuary, atop the tallest building in the city, in which he had created a magical labyrinth. The basis of this sanctuary is the fanatical religious ceremonies, where human beings were sacrificed to the glory of Varth (or the god Ogotai, as the Chaams had been tricked into thinking Varth was).[1]