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Alinoë (Thorgal part 8)

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Le Mal Bleu (Thorgal part 25)

Muff was the faithful family dog of the Aegirsson family. It is a great big dog that looks like a shepherd of Brie. It was the only companion during the childhood of Jolan . It often proved his courage in defending his master against the brigands. He appears for the last time in "The Blue Sickness", when he stayed on the island of Our Ground, together with Darek de Svear and his sister Lehla, because he was too old to travel any further.


Muff appeared as the only friend Jolan had on the island where the small Aegirsson family took refuge after leaving Brek Zarith. The big dog and Jolan were inseparable playmates but despite this Jolan wanted a human friend, resulting in the disastrous creation of Alinoe.[1] A brave dog, Muff proved time and again his faithfulness and courage, for example by attacking Gunnar, a thief in the pay of Wor, or the men of sinister Arkades. Later, Muff found in the small Louve someone to "talk" to, because of Louve's power of being able to talk to animals. He was able to recognize Thorgal after a few years, which enabled him to 'tell' Louve that the man enclosed by Darek was indeed the hero. The good dog now too old to travel eventually stayed with the young Svear his sister Lehla on "our land", the island of Arachnea freed from his curse.[2] There, it probably enjoys a peaceful and well deserved retirement.


Rosinski meant for Muff to represent the image of his own dog. After the death of Rosinksi's dog, he no longer wished to draw Muff.


Muff appears in:


  1. Alinoë (Thorgal part 8)
  2. Le Mal Bleu (Thorgal part 25)