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Child of the Stars (Thorgal part 7)

Nidhogg is a powerful, mythological, evil snake creature which lived in the kingdom of the Giants and is now imprisoned.


Nidhogg won in a game of checkers over Ivaldir, forcing the latter to resort to using Thorgal to retrieve it. This lead to a confrontation between Nidhogg and Thorgal, at that time still a child, who had the help of the goddess Frigg[1] Nidhogg was born immortal, but still wanted more power. Thus, he later set up a treacherous plan to get more. Thorgal, now an adult, hindered his designs, resulting in the Guardian of the Keys condemning Nidhogg to a thousand years of exile in the In-Between World for breaking The Law of the Worlds.[2]


Based on Níðhöggr from Norse mythology.