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Wolf Cub (Thorgal part 16)

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Wolf Cub (Thorgal part 16)

Orwald was a Viking and the husband of Solveig.


Orwald became the husband of Solveig later in her life. He was very abusive of her, eventually drawing nothing from her but pure hatred. He accompanied Wor in his sad exploits. They were discovered making fun of a poor old man and his disabled son after plundering them. Orwald saved the life of Wor by preventing the unfortunate son from stabbing Wor in the back with a knife.

When Orwald later confronted Thorgal, he proved that although he was cruel, he was also observant and full of composure. He had noticed that Thorgal was special, and did not yield to panic when his men were systematically decimated by him. Orwald was convinced that, as Viking warrior, he was superior to Thorgal, a mere "bastard". He chose to face Thorgal with the help of one of his men, but was clearly defeated by the hero, and killed. [1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Redhaired, bearded and muscular, Orwald was a swine and a dishonorable brute, as described by Solveig. He abused his wife even going as far as publicly whipping her in the street for being outside the village in the night. Orwald was also very composed, keeping calm in the worst of circumstances, and having extreme confidence in himself. He believed he was superior due to his Viking warrior heritage.


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