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Le Royaume sous le Sable (Thorgal part 26)

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Le Royaume sous le Sable (Thorgal part 26)

Sargon was the contarque of the last expedition to Earth.


Sargon appeared only in "The Kingdom in the Sand " ( 26 album ) . With a few thousand members of the People of the Stars , he tried to win the Earth aboard a huge spaceship. He survived with a few others to a meteor shower while fleeing on board a small shuttle. At the head of the little colony , he wanted to reclaim the Earth. He ordered Tiago and Chrisyos , two young people , to bring him a family of barbarians because they came from the north , the family of Thorgal . They succeeded but Sargon , ruthless, punishing Tiago who revealed that he was saving Louve quicksand with an anti -gravity belt. Sargon all happy with his cruelty with the document

The draft Sargon was to use the Vikings whose capacity could ideally serve its plans of conquest . He passed Thorgal and his family under a machine which revealed their memories. The son of Varth ! Astonished, the proud Sargon took this as a sign of destiny. The cunning sought to press the hero through his right arm Orchias a great lout , threatening his family. Sargon who knew the memories of the eternal rebel Thorgal was very full of himself and his power to think he could handle such a man. Thorgal blackmail refused and fled. The tyrant still tried to convince the hero and told him the whole story of his people who had actually Earth ... the Atlanteans . Thorgal but refused again. Sargon condemned the Labyrinth with his family , and Tiago Chrysios . Ileniya joined them. The girl was protected from the tyrant who had chosen to bear his offspring . Apparently not pleased with this news, Ileniya injured the tyrant and joined the others . This little world is pulled "easily" Labyrinth supposed to be a fatal event. Chrysios finally put an end to the ambitions of Sargon and Orchias sacrificing himself to kill them by destroying their space shuttle had just taken off . Sargon left for dead

Personality and traitsEdit

Sargon was a small man forged a certain age, brushed hair and with a huge nose.