The Star People are the former inhabitants of Atlantis. Legend has it that they descended from Poseidon. According to Sargon, they were immensely superior compared to the other people who populated Earth at the time. They were thousands of years ahead in regards to culture and science. However, one night the civilization crashed into the sea, and the only places spared were a few spots at the edges of Atlantis, such as the city of Archéopolis. Following the catastrophe, the Star People left Earth in their thousands aboard great spaceships, launching from Archéopolis and looking for a new world to live in.

They found a planet near the edge of the galaxy and lived in harmony for 120 centuries without war and riot, developing the knowledge their pioneering forefathers had left them as heritage. Unfortunately the sources of energy on the new planet were coming to an end, and thus Xargos, the grandfather of Thorgal, led an expedition to Earth to find new energy. The expedition was never heard from, and so new spaceships were sent to look for Xargos' expedition. But the new spaceships got lost in space without achieving their goals. The last spaceship to leave the planet was the one led by Sargon, carrying thousands of men, women and children. The new planet lost all its energy and is now just a dead star, circuiting without any destination among the endless galaxies.

As Sargon's spaceship was nearing Earth, it was bombarded by a meteorite swarm. Only a handful of the passengers escaped aboard a minor vessel before the spaceship exploded with its thousands of passengers. The survivors decided to symbolically choose Archéopolis as their destination. During the landing their vessel was seriously damaged, but the crew managed to repair it within a year. The goal of Sargon and part of his crew became, in the name of all their dead, to once again rule Earth, as the Star People had done tens of thousands of years before. [1]