The Strange Garden.

The Strange Garden is a paradise-like garden located inside a mountain covered with ice. It is very peaceful and serene, and contains wonderful fruits as well as granting its inhabitants almost eternal youth.

There are only few ways to reach the garden, one being through a cliff at the top of the of the mountain, another being through a cave from which water flows. The cave entrance was closed by Thorgal, as he rolled a boulder in front of it after escaping through it.

Special attributes of the gardenEdit

In the garden time takes different ways than in the rest of Midgard. Time is slowed by a factor of 10 so that it's inhabitants are 10 times younger than what they really are. It is uknown why time is slowed, but perhaps its proximity to Niflheim (near the core of Earth) gives the garden its power, as if the eternity of the world of the dead, by touching the garden, keeps organisms alive.

The water in the garden is also warm, as it comes from the bowels of the Earth, where it is heated by the fire from the guardians of Yggdrasil. The warm water is the source of the garden, its wonderful fruits and the almost eternal youth of the garden's inhabitants.[1]