9 - The Archers
The Archers
Story by

Jean Van Hamme

Art by

Grzegorz Rosiński



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The Land of Qa

During his return to his island Thorgal meets Tjall-the-fiery. This meeting results in two lost boats, and lost weapons, money, everything. Well, Tjall's uncle, Argunn woodfoot can help with a few things - he's a weapon-smith - but not with everything. There is an archery tournament nearby, and the prize is 100 silver Marks, enough to buy 10 boats. But they are not the only contestants. And not all contestants are nice people...


1] A young woman and her accomplice steal a village " bloodstone ". 2] Meanwhile, Thorgal falls on his island with provisions. He is caught in a storm. It ran aground on the coast, with Tjall -le- Spirited , met mer.3 ] Tjall -le- Spirited takes him to his uncle , Feet from tree , gunsmith specialized in the manufacture of bows and arrows . They decide to participate together in the tournament archers who soon takes in the region. By the way, they meet the woman of Valnor Kriss and his accomplice , Sigwald who stole the stone of blood, and will also participate in tournoi.4 ] By going to the tournament , Feet from tree , and Tjall Thorgal issue of Valnor Kriss , who had been captured by brigands. Sigwald waiting to attack. 5] During the battle, Sigwald injured his arm and can no longer be the binomial Kriss for the tournament. He will be replaced by Thorgal . 6] The tournament starts . He is passionate , exciting and very dangerous. Thorgal and Kriss , end with co - EXAE feet from tree and Tjall . 7] At the end of the tournament, and Kriss Sigwald flee flying reward. But Caledonians , whom they had stolen the Bloodstone awaited . They kill Sigwald Kriss and stuck on top of a cliff. Thorgal and Tjall able to resolve the situation. Caledonian recover their blood stone and Kriss is spared. Recis adventures of Thorgal Aegirsson

8] Thorgal , Feet from tree and leave by taking Tjall Kriss with them. But that it distorts their company very quickly . Thorgal restarts on its island, where Aaricia and Jolan ahead.