4 - The Black Galley
The Black Galley
Story by

Jean Van Hamme

Art by

Grzegorz Rosiński



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The Black Galley is issue 4 in the Thorgal series.


No more adventures for Aaricia and Thorgal, they found a roof in Caleb's community of farmers in a small village. Aaricia is pregnant. Thorgal there working as a farmhand . 2 ] During a night ride horse, Thorgal Shaniah meeting . She is madly in love with and want thorgal they leave them both on the field to " new horizons" . Thorgal refuses . Annoyed , she went flying his horse . 3] Along the way, an unknown man makes fall, and turn him flying horse . 4] The next day, five armed horsemen led by a man named Ewing come to the village. They are looking for "their prisoner who escaped". Shaniah, jealous and wanting revenge, explains that Thorgal helped the prisoner to escape by giving his horse the day before. Consequently, the riders take Thorgal to the black galley of the cruel and dumb prince Veronar. 5] In the black galley , head horsemen, Ewing, offers Thorgal release him. But surprised Veronar , master on board and future heir to the kingdom , they are prepared to be executed . 6] Viking longships suddenly attacked the galley . Thorgal and Ewing prevent black galley leak. Taking advantage of this attack , and Thorgal Ewing escape. 7] The Vikings give the collision and emerge victorious from battle. They release the prisoners of the galley . Thorgal returns to earth in his village and find Aaricia others. 8] We learn in passing that Jorund - the -Bull , leader of longships attackers , became king of the Vikings. Gandalf - the -Fou is indeed dead , and his only son , Bjorn , was killed by eagles on the Ile des Mers- Gels (see # 2 L'Île -des- Mers- jellies ) . Arrived at the village, Thorgal finds a pile of ashes and dead bodies . Ewing and Shaniah are there. Ewing tells Thorgal he had hired mercenaries to kidnap Aaricia to force him to help find the escaped prisoner . But she fled and mercenaries mutinied . They looted and burned the village to pay. After which they left. Thorgal and Ewing duel . 9] Thorgal wins (of course , you must be crazy to challenge Thorgal arc ... ) . He left the village, leaving Shaniah before the consequences of his actions .


10] A question crossed my mind : Why Ewing he attempted to take hostage to force the hand Aaricia Thorgal ? With the adventure they have lived through both Thorgal had confidence in him, he would have definitely accepted himself for help. I also wonder how Ewing did for hire mercenaries headed in this area as quickly (a few hours or even a few minutes). A small remark again: in the end, Thorgal Shaniah criticizes the placing as solely responsible for everything that happened. But if Ewing had not enlisted mercenaries , this would not have happened . Thorgal is a little wickedness with Shaniah , because it is not only his fault.