15 - The Master of the Mountains
The Master of the Mountains
Story by

Jean Van Hamme

Art by

Grzegorz Rosiński



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Thorgal is on his way through the mountains. Suddenly someone blows a horn, and it causes an avalanche. Thorgal is unharmed, but it means he has to take another route, and it is too late for that. He spots a plume of smoke and decides to go there to spend the night. It will become the strangest period of his life...


1] Thorgal walking on the side of a mountain . A character starts not far from him an avalanche. This one will kill "someone " just there to moment.2 ] Thorgal arrives in a barn apparently abandoned it . He met Torric , a young man who tries to escape " the master of the mountains" , a chieftain who plunders and kills in the region. He treats him a hand injury , and discovers in a strange barn bague.3 ] Suddenly, a beam of the barn fell . They narrowly avoid and go outside . They discover they have been sent in the past . They Vlana meeting , the shepherdess who then occupied the premises. 4] Everyone trying to understand what happens when suddenly , Thorgal is returned in the present, still in the fold. He meets Torric aged 37 years and who is "the master of the mountains" , also known as the Saxegaard . Saxegaard , Torric so old says : Thorgal when returned to the present, he has remained in the past, with Vlana . He loved it then remained living with her to the fold . But a few months after the departure of Torgal , they made attacked by bandits. Vlana was killed in self-defense . Torric then decided to become Saxegaard and await the return of Thorgal to the fold . 5] But Saxegaard asks (requires him to do ) something : he wants Thorgal back in time , 37 years ago, before Vlana is killed by bandits. And that he brings him in this . Thorgal refuses . When the guards Saxegaard attack, Thorgal is again catapulted into the past , this time in full during the battle between the robbers and Vlana and Torric couple. 6] Thorgal deters thieves and explains everything to the couple. They realize then , that the instant they speak, their future , ie to Thorgal this is not written yet. Torric in Saxegaard does not yet exist . They have the choice to let history recreate or not. In the light of this discovery, Torric decides to force Thorgal Vlana to take in the present, so that it can become Saxegaard for 37 years. That Thorgal fait.7 ] Back in the present ( *) , as expected, Torric again became Saxegaard , waiting . It turns out that all this is the fact that the ring had picked Thorgal into the fold . He gives Vlana . She convinces Saxegaard walk away with it in the past, a few seconds after the moment she had left and Thorgal Torric ( young ) . Torric young is facing Torric old, Saxegaard (it was the intention of Vlana ) . Frightened , Torric kills young Torric old . 8] Having thus creating an infinite loop of its existence in time, young Torric decides to go alone in this , Thorgal to kill before it all begins. He believes and avoid the problems that follow. Happened in the present, he is preparing to ambush Thorgal . But the top of the mountain , Saxegaard ( new then) triggers an avalanche that kills ( it hangs with the beginning of the album) . 9] Thorgal happens to the fold. Whole story reproduced without Torric ( Thorgal is the ring , he went in the past, etc ...) , until Thorgal back in the present ( at this * in my summary ) but Torric since he died in the avalanche early . To the surprise of Thorgal , guards Saxegaard come this time to make him see his equipment and his horse. It is learned that Vlana is infact the meantime become famous again Saxegaard . So she killed Torric when preparing the ambush. 10] Thorgal continued on his way.


Three things not quite understood in this album:

first : Page 23 in the box at the top right , which is around the number 4 in my summary , Saxegaard tells Thorgal he saw it disappear from the fold, and he knew then he had to wait 37 years Thorgal to find in their present. Saxegaard how can he know at the time that it takes exactly 37 years ? Nothing lets him know that! During their first trip back in time , and Thorgal Torric arrive " in the past." At no time do we tell them how much time they traveled . Moreover, it tries to ask the shepherdess ( Vlana ) they meet , what time they are. When Thorgal will disappear under their eyes, Torric therefore has no way of knowing that it would take 37 years to see him come into the fold . And therefore no means of knowing that he has " time" to become Saxegaard pending . Bizarre ...

Second , which is actually a detail : On page 31 , in the box at the bottom right , which corresponds to number 6 in my summary to explanations of Thorgal , Torric decides to send Vlana with Thorgal in the present. Question: But why does he do this ? There was this moment means to satisfy everyone, and without creating a "temporal paradox" : Torric wants to live alongside Vlana and become Saxegaard . Vlana wants to live alongside Torric . Thorgal and wants to return home. Instead of returning Vlana and Thorgal , he could return only Thorgal . It became the Saxegaard suite, while having Vlana . Thorgal it would be returned to the present, and he went his way. It was very simple, but apparently Torric initially thought a much more complicated scenario ...

Third , which I think is the most important : Between page 44 and 45 , nothing is shown ( number 8 and number 9) , yet between the two pages he spent a lot of things : the whole story from beginning where Thorgal happens to the fold and to meet Torric the first time at the end where Thorgal is in the fold, back from his last trip was in place again. Unless it happened without Torric since has been killed by an avalanche in Vlana . Suddenly how can it happen that Thorgal exactly the same situation at the end , when there was a character less! Sacred coincidence.