The Sorceress Betrayed
Story by

Jean Van Hamme

Art by

Grzegorz Rosiński



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The Sorceress Betrayed is the first album of Thorgal and contains two stories; The Sorceress Betrayed and Presque le paradis. It was first published in 1980 by Le Lombard under the title "La Magicienne Trahie". It introduces the characters of Thorgal Aegirsson, Aaricia, Gandalf the Mad, and Slivia. [1]


The Sorceress BetrayedEdit

1] Thorgal is abandoned by Gandalf - the - Crazy rock called " the ring of sacrifice ." Gandalf wounds with his sword. This is where we get the famous scar right cheek Thorgal . 2] The Magician des Mers- Jellies releases in exchange for his services for 1 year. At the request of the magician , Thorgal will look rings Freyr. He climbed a mountain for it , and confronts the two brothers keepers of the Rings: a warrior giant and a dwarf magician ( Thorgal crushing bars ) . 3] On the occasion of the feast of Joll , Thorgal a password rings Freyr the handful of Gandalf -le- Fou. Controlled by the magic of the ring, Gandalf is led by the sorceress . Because an ambush orchestrated by Baalds , Gandalf - the -Fou manages to undo his tie, and escape . 4] The Magician called Slive (also : Slive - who- never - dies , or Slive la Formidable ) . This is the Queen of Ile des Mers- Jellies . It captures slaves on vikings odds to become slaves in the mines . Gandalf - the -Fou , wounded, is overtaken by Slive and Thorgal . Slive wants to finish but Thorgal opposes. Slive decides to leave his island aboard his longship ice.

Presque le paradisEdit

1] wishing to escape wolves, Thorgal falls into a deep crevasse. 2] The fall knocks him out . He wakes up in a huge garden. Sisters Ingrid and Ragnhild , mistresses of these places , the host . Thorgal discovers that the garden is an enclosed area where time is slowed by 10 ( one year in the garden = 10 years in real life ) . 3] Thorgal was unconscious one day ( five o'clock shadow ) . But the sisters announce that it is equivalent to a year on the surface of the Earth. Thorgal Skadia meeting , the third sister in the garden. It offers Thorgal to escape with her. Thorgal accept . 4] Skadia says the slowing of time is a lie of her two sisters. Thorgal and Skadia ( and Loki the cat ) undertake underground tunnels back to the surface. 5] After passing through a maze of ice, they finally reach the open air. 6] They sleep and waking , a big surprise awaits Thorgal : Skadia is as old died of a sudden . Ingrid and Ragnhild were true . Leaving the garden, caught Skadia time , making him take 150 years at once.


A question: having lived all his life in the garden, Skadia had to know how many years it went through. So she must have known she was 150 years. Why she continued to believe in before 15? And another thing, thinking: 1 year = 365 days. 365/10 = 36.5 days. Year remained unconscious in the garden, is 36.5 days in the real world. A small error of proportionality was committed here. The author seems to have concidere things like this: 30 => 300 years 25 => 250 years 15 => 150 years 1 day (normally 36.5) => 1 year


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