3 - The Three Elders of Aran
The Three Elders of Aran
Story by

Jean Van Hamme

Art by

Grzegorz Rosiński



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The Three Elders of Aran is the third album in the Thorgal series.


Aaricia and Thorgal have finally been married, and have left their village to travel and see the world. A dwarf named Jadawin invites them to a feast held in their honor in his village in the Land of Aran. Thorgal and Aaricia follow, but the feast doesn't really look feisty, and Thorgal would like to leave immediately. However, Aaricia spots a beautiful necklace, and Jadawin tells them the legend: anyone who can make it loose with only one arrow will be queen. Aaricia solves this puzzle and is thus proclaimed "queen" of their community. Aaricia is then forcibly taken by the " Benevolent " in a castle. Thorgal , which was not " invited " to follow , apart from the issue . 4] But once found, what was the surprise of Thorgal fait qu'Aaricia did not recognize at all. And what's more , she screams , and alert the guards. Thorgal is forced to flee the castle. 5] A big tournament is organized by the Benevolent to find a husband ( a king so ) to Aaricia . 6] three events took place: we need to get the " golden swords" on a hill, then go get the keys on the " Ile des Eddies " (place located in between two world Thorgal meets first Keeper - of - Keys ) , and finally bring the second world, the " bottle containing water from the mists of time ." 7] The third test is the most important : once in the second world , the last remaining participant , Thorgal is sent back 1000 years by the Guardian - of - Clefs . The Benevolent , so young , gives (9) " bottle containing water from the mists of time " and asked him to return this to the water (10) to the Benevolent ( old ) . 7.5] Let's summarize . 8] Thorgal refuses and destroys the water at night time . The Benevolent (young ) die and Thorgal is returned to the present. There is the old Benevolent , death aussi.9 them ] It will seek Aaricia and left the castle. Aaricia has, it seems , found his spirits. [1]



  • The Benevolent, over the centuries, send someone to fetch water in their past (first why do not they will find themselves?). Therefore, when they are young and give water (to 20 years on my diagram), they should have before them 10 persons: 1 person from each end of centuries. While thorgal alone! Worse, they talk about other already came for water. But if others have already come to fetch water, he should no longer having to thorgal, since there is only one bottle!
  • In this case, is that the Benevolent have many bottles they want. So why go back in time to look for? Have they lost?


  1. The Three Elders of Aran (Thorgal part 3)