Thorgal is a critically acclaimed[1] Belgian comic book series created by the Belgian writer Jean Van Hamme and the Polish graphic artist Grzegorz Rosiński. It first appeared in serial form in the "Tintin" magazine in 1977, and has been published in hardcover volumes by Le Lombard from 1980 on. The Thorgal series with its bright plot that mixes science fiction, fantasy and adventures and very beautiful art, has won several prizes over the years.



The albums consist of several story arcs (marked with color) and some stand-alone stories.

Issue French title English title Year Story arc Notes
1. La Magicienne trahie The Betrayed Sorceress 1980 The queen of the Frozen Seas Contains two stories: "The Betrayed Sorceress" and "Almost Paradise..."
2. L’île des Mers gelées The Island of the Frozen Seas 1980 The queen of the Frozen Seas
3. Les trois vieillards du pays d’Aran The Three Elders of Aran 1981
4. La Galère noire The Black Galley 1982 The masters of Brek Zarith
5. Au-delà des ombres Beyond the Shadows 1983 The masters of Brek Zarith
6. La Chute de Brek Zarith The Fall of Brek Zarith 1984 The masters of Brek Zarith
7. L’Enfant des Étoiles Child of the Stars 1984 The origins 3 short stories from Thorgal's youth
8. Alinoë Alinoë 1985
9. Les Archers The Archers 1985 The Great Country
10. Le Pays Qâ The Land of Qa 1986 The Great Country
11. Les Yeux de Tanatloc The Eyes of Tanatloc 1986 The Great Country
12. La Cité du Dieu Perdu City of the Lost God 1987 The Great Country
13. Entre Terre et Lumière Between Earth and Sun 1988 The Great Country
14. Aaricia Aaricia 1989 The origins 4 short stories from Aaricia's youth
15. Le Maître des Montagnes The Master of the Mountains 1989 To the north
16. Louve Wolf Cub 1990 To the north
17. La Gardienne des Clés The Guardian of the Keys 1991 To the north
18. L’Epée-Soleil The Sun Sword 1992 Shaïgan the merciless
19. La Forteresse invisible The Invisible Fortress 1993 Shaïgan the merciless
20. La Marque des Bannis The Brand of the Exiles 1994 Shaïgan the merciless
21. La Couronne d’Ogotaï Ogotai's Crown 1995 Shaïgan the merciless
22. Géants Giants 1996 Shaïgan the merciless
23. La cage The Cage 1997 Shaïgan the merciless
24. Arachnéa Arachnea 1999 The Wandering Viking
25. Le Mal bleu The Blue Plague 1999 The Wandering Viking
26. Le Royaume sous le Sable The Kingdom Beneath the Sand 2001 The Wandering Viking
27. Le Barbare The Barbarian 2002 The last trip
28. Kriss de Valnor Kriss of Valnor 2004 The last trip
29. Le Sacrifice The Sacrifice 2006 The last trip
30. Moi, Jolan I, Jolan 2007 The successor
31. Le Bouclier de Thor Thor's shield 2008 The successor
32. La Bataille d’Asgard The Battle of Asgard 2010 The successor
33. Le Bateau-Sabre The Blade Ship 2011 Red Magi
34. Kah-Aniel Kah-Aniel 2013 Red Magi
35. Le Feu écarlate The Scarlet Fire 2016 Red Magi
36. Aniel Aniel 2018 Red Magi


The original language of Thorgal is French. It has been translated into the following languages (not a complete list, please add):

English publicationEdit

Thorgal was first published in English by Donning Company Publishers in 1986.

Cinebook Ltd has begun reprinting the series in 2007.[2] Unfortunately they've printed the series in the wrong order and numerous albums have been collected into single volumes. An employee of Cinebook Ltd explained the confusing decision as being a response to "customer feedback":

Regarding the volumes versus stories thing, this change was in response to customer feedback. Personally, I think I prefer the double-albums, but it is a bit harder to get people to pick up the first volume when it costs that little bit more. Also, it means we can translate and publish them faster. So, you get less, more often.
- CaNNoN_FoDDa[3]

The current volumes released by Cinebook Ltd are:

  1. Child of the Stars (ISBN 9781905460236) - (collects Child of the Stars and Aaricia)
  2. The Three Elders of Aran (ISBN 9781905460311) - (collects The Three Elders of Aran and The Black Galley)
  3. Beyond the Shadows (ISBN 9781905460458) - (collects Beyond the Shadows and The Fall of Brek Zarith)
  4. The Archers (ISBN 9781905460670) - (collects Alinoë and Les Archers)
  5. The Land of Qa (ISBN 9781905460809) - (collects Le Pays Qâ and Les Yeux de Tanatloc)
  6. City of the Lost God (ISBN 9781849180016) - (collects La Cité du Dieu Perdu and Entre Terre et Lumière)
  7. The Master of the Mountains (ISBN 9781849180238) - (contains Le Maître des Montagnes)
  8. Wolf Cub (ISBN 9781849180351) - (contains Louve)
  9. The Guardian of the Keys (ISBN 9781849180504) - (contains La Gardienne des Clés)
  10. The Sun Sword (ISBN 9781849180573) - (contains L'épée-soleil)
  11. The Invisible Fortress (ISBN 9781849181037) - (contains La Forteresse Invisible)
  12. The Brand of the Exiles (ISBN 9781849181365) - (contains La Marque des Bannis)
  13. Ogotai's Crown (ISBN 9781849181426) - (contains La Couronne d'Ogotaï)


Cinebook Ltd's English publication of Thorgal is marred by censorship. Panels with nudity are altered so that nipples among other things are covered up. An employee of Cinebook Ltd had this explanation:

"We do censor some of the imagery in our books. There are some restrictions on what we can publish, particularly in the US, in terms of adult content. Mainland Europe are much more liberal about these things than the UK or US and, in the US, if we were to publish some scenes of nudity in one book we would run the risk of distributors dropping us completely. In order to reach the largest audience possible, we have opted to censor nudity (by adding clothes, steam, hair...) with the consent of the right-holders (usually including the artist).
The boss does have a vague idea to create an imprint for adult titles, but we want to concentrate on getting books to the widest possible audience for the moment."
"We're not censoring for the sake of censoring - I think we'd all prefer to keep the original art. But if it's a choice between getting distributed and making a few small changes to elements not key to the storyline, it's a bit of a no-brainer. You have to be looking for it to notice it (or compare the original)."
- CaNNoN_FoDDa[4]

The following issues have been censored by Cinebook (not complete list, please add!):


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