This is a timeline of the Thorgal universe. It contains all the major events, and is in large part described without dates because of the general lack of dates in the Thorgal comics. All dates mentioned are approximate.


Kingdom of AtlantisEdit

  • 11000 BC
    • Atlantis, a kingdom the size of a continent and inhabited by the Star People rule the Earth. The Star people were thousands of years ahead in culture and science compared to the other people who populated Earth at the time.
    • A great catastrophe causes the kingdom to disappear into the ocean, leaving only the city of Archéopolis standing.
    • The surviving Star People, numnbering in the thousands, manage to  leave Earth aboard great spaceships launching from Archéopolis. They set out looking for a new world to live in.

Period of harmonyEdit

  • 11000 BC
    • The Star People find a new planet near the edge of the galaxy where they live in harmony without war and riot for 120 centuries.
  • 1000 AD
    • Sources of energy come to an end on the new planet.
    • Xargos leads an expedition back to Earth to find new energy. It crash lands on the Island of Frozen Seas (see Back on Earth below).
    • The expedition is never heard from again, new spaceships are sent to look for it. The new spaceships are lost in space without achieving their goals.
    • The new planet has now lost all its energy and is described as just a "dead star".
    • The last spaceship to leave the planet carries thousands of men, women and children and is led by Sargon.
    • As the spaceship nears Earth, it is bombarded by a meteorite swarm and only a handful of the passengers escape, landing their escape vessel in Archéopolis.
    • The goal of Sargon and part of his crew becomes to rule Earth, as the Star People had done 12000 years before.

Back on EarthEdit

  • 1000 AD
    • Thorgal, son of two members of Xargos expedition, is born at sea aboard a raft during a storm north of the coast of Northland. He is abandoned at sea and picked up by Leif Haraldsson.