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Varth, aka Ogotai, was one of the Star People and Thorgal's father. He was a grief-stricken, crazed man, driven by the vengeance against the planet he believed responsible for the death of his beloved wife and son.


Varth was a brilliant engineer and a lieutenant aboard the spaceship on expedition to Earth to find energy sources that they badly needed. He was married to Haynee, the daughter of Xargos who was the leader of the expedition. Varth disagreed with the crew's formal orders to avoid at all costs any conflict with the inhabitants of Earth, and thus came into dispute with Xargos. According to their customs, to avoid the bloodshed that an open fight onboard the vessel would lead to, Xargos accepted a duel with Varth for control of the spaceship. Varth won the duel and took control of the spaceship.[1]

However, the spaceship crash landed on the Island of Frozen Seas on Earth. He decided to leave the island on a raft with Haynee, and some other Star People. Unfortunately a storm destroyed their raft, and Varth was the only survivor apart from Thorgal. He drifted ashore, finding himself in the Land of Qa. He made contact with the Chaams tribe and presented himself as a God called "Ogotai". Using his superior intellect, knowledge of advanced technology and supernatural powers, he convinced the Chaams of his divinity, and they accepted him as their leader. He made ​​them build the city Mayaxatl, from which he soon lead the tribe into countless conquests of the neighboring tribes in a bid to conquer the world, ordering endless human sacrifices to himself in the process. He later met his son Thorgal, who was on a mission to stop him. He was finally killed with his own laser gun by Kriss of Valnor [2]