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Kriss of Valnor

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The Sun Sword (Thorgal part 18)

Yarilo is a warrior who revolted against Orgoff, he indirectly Thorgal to get rid of the despot and become dynast thereafter. Loves Kriss of Valnor, but she left after he proposed marriage to her.


Yarilo seconded Kriss of Valnor as head of the rebels. He struggled against Orgoff, a local tyrant who inspired terror with the weapon he had Ogotaï voléee Kriss , a kind of laser gun. When Thorgal reached the rebel encampment, Yarilo greeted with suspicion and led him to Kriss of Valnor. The second in command of the rebels and a lover of beautiful adventurers, he listened quietly to the conversation between the woman and the hero but did not intervene. Kriss devised a plan to overthrow Orgoff. Yarilo received a risky mission: he had to believe that the tyrant were to accept his side to get into a trap. Orgoff , although suspicious, sank straight guide to the ambush by Kriss of Valnor. Yarilo narrowly escaped death the tyrant had promised him for treason and witnessed the victory of the Crossfire . After the death of Orgoff , Yarilo took his place and became the new lord of the region. He proposed marriage to Kriss, but the girl, of course, refused.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Yarilo is a young, muscular man with cropped hair.